This new feature allows you to create links between charts in different time frames.

Most traders trade from a main chart and use additional charts in higher timeframes for decision support. These charts in higher time frames are used to determine the market trend. They are also used to identify key points such as support and resistance. In the past all charts were unconnected. TwinCharts creates connected charts and turns them into a single trading tool.  Read more »

Linked Windows: A fast way to switch a specific window setup to different markets

With the study and layout concept it is easy to look at different chart and window setups of the NanoTrader. But sometimes the trader wants to switch between different markets for the same window setup. This is especially true to have a quick look at several charts showing different time frames for different markets. Read more »

Keltner Channel

 Keltner channel Express code in attach. 

How to install.

Advanced bracket orders

How NanoTrader makes a simple strategy even better

Most traders use bracket orders in some way. Bracket orders are both a simple strategy and good practice. The trader defines a profit target and a maximum loss. Bad surprises are thus avoided and profits will be taken. Defining a target and a stop was traditionally done in terms of points (or ticks). By allowing traders to use % and the ATR to set bracket orders the platform has opened a whole new realm of exciting possibilities. Read more »

How to install the Express code of an indicator


Hi, I received a Fipertec Express code of a friend who is a programmer and I would like to know how to install it and how to load the indicator? Read more »